Faroe Islands

Hotel Føroyar, Tórshavn

24. – 26. May


22 Speakers

World leading experts.

350 Seats

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Conference in the Faroe Islands 24.–26. May 2017

Come and join us in a focused scientific conference in spectacular uninterrupted surroundings and inspiring environment. We have arranged this event with special attention on focal epilepsy in collaboration with the Danish Epilepsy Center, Filadelfia and Amplexa Genetics A/S. Join us and a range of world-leading experts who will share their knowledge – please see Scientific Program and the Speakers list.

The conference will take place in Tórshavn, the Capital of Faroe Islands. Situated in the North-east Atlantic, the Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 mountainous islands, with a population of 50.000 people and well maintained infrastructure and high conference facilities. The conference aims for a high scientific standard in a relaxed and informal environment. The scientific part will be spiced with extraordinary nature and culture, blended with modern and genuine Nordic cuisine.

Mark your calendar 24-26. May 2017 and follow the Viking trail for a cultural and scientific experience. For travel details, please see registrations, note 5. 

On behalf the scientific committee we wish to welcome clinicians and scientists to the Focal Epilepsy Conference, Faroe Islands.

Scientific Committee: Johannes Lemke, Prof. University of Leipzig - Guido Rubboli, Prof. University of Copenhagen and Danish Epilpesy Centre - Helle Hjalgrim, Assoc. Prof. of Southern Denmark and Danish Epilepsy Centre - Rikke Møller, Assoc. Prof. University of Denmark and Danish Epilepsy Centre - Leanne Dibbens, Assoc. Prof. University of South Australia, Adeleide - Hans Atli Dahl, Ph.D. and CEO, Amplexa Genetics A/S

The Focal Epilepsy Conference 2017 – an invitation to the Faroe Islands.


Written by Ingo Helbig

Retreat. Part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are an archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic halfway between Norway and Iceland. From May 24 to 26, 2017, the international epilepsy community will retreat to the Faroe Islands for a conference on the mechanisms of focal epilepsies. With this post, I am inviting clinicians and scientists who typically read our blog to this meeting. Take a quick glance at the program and you will understand why I think that this meeting is interesting. In 2017, a conference on the mechanisms of focal epilepsy has become a conference with a main focus on genetic mechanisms. Here is how our perception of the genetics of focal epilepsies changed over the last 18 years and why a trip to the middle of the North Atlantic may be worthwhile for you...

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  • Conference *1
  • Refreshments and lunch *2
  • Welcome buffet and music *3
  • + €280 sould out

     3 Days Accommodations in double room *4
  • + €180 sould out

     Addional for single room on request (+€180)
  • + €360 sould out

     Flight to/from Faroe Islands *5
  • + €64

     Bus to/from the airport
  • + from €65

     Exploring Faroe Islands *6


  • Conference *1
  • Refreshments and lunch *2
  • Welcome buffet and music *3
  • + €280 sould out

     3 Days Accommodations in double room *4
  • + €180 sould out

     Addional for single room on request (+€180)
  • + €360 sould out

     Flight to/from Faroe Islands *5
  • + €64

     Bus to/from the airport
  • + from €65

     Exploring Faroe Islands *6
  • *4  Three Days Accommodations, breakfast included

    Accommodations 23-26. May at Hotel Føroyar****, Tórshavn

    • Shared double room
    • Incl. 3 x breakfast
    • Additional for single room €180 (on request)

    Extra day: Twin Room €120 pr.pers. For single use, additional €180.

    For other wishes please specify your needs when filling out the registration formular. We will do everything to satisfy your needs.

  • *5  Flights to/from Faroe Islands

    Atlantic Airways and SAS operates daily from Copenhagen to Faroe Islands. Atlantic Airways also operate from other destinations, but not on daily basis. It is easy to find flight connections from mostly all European destinations to/from Copenhagen. We have booked seats on request following departures:

    23.05.17 Copenhagen – Faroe Islands:

    RC453/12:25-13:45 or RC459/18:30-19:50

    26.05.17 Faroe Islands – Copenhagen: RC456/14:35-17:40 or

    27.05.17 Faroe Islands - Copenhagen:  RC450/08:30-11:30


    Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

    All times are local. Faroe Islands time, GMT +1


    If you want to have a homebound travel on the 27.may, extra night at Hotel Føroyar, cost €120 pr. pers. in shared double room and €180 in single room.

    Please note the minimum connections time is 90min. to change flights, find more information at www.atlantic.fo/en and www.flysas.com. 

    In order to have longer stay or other travel dates, please send an e-mail to fec@mice.fo, and we will help you to arrange your travel. 


Things to see on the Faroe Islands

  • Trip 1: Adventure trip with Rib62

    This tour around the beautiful Island of Hestur is the perfect sightseeing trip  - you will explore

    - Breathtaking caves

    - Steep cliffs

    - Unspoiled bird colonies

    - Duration 1½ -2 hours

    - Price per person : EUR 65

  • Trip 2: Visit to the village Gjógv

    From Tórshavn, we drive up north passing idyllic villages and the old whaling station at Áir.

    The only bridge over the Atlantic, as it is sometimes called, spans the narrow channel of Sundini to connect Eysturoy with the larger island of Streymoy. Because the channel is so narrow, spectacular eddies form at the base of the bridge when the current is running strong with the tide. Guests are welcome to walk the short distance “over the Atlantic.”  We pass Eiði and cross the mountains to Gjógv. On the way, we are treated to a view of  ” The Giant and The Hag, ” two very distinctive sea stacks. We also pass the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur (882 m). In Gjógv, we find a gorge (188 m long), which is a natural harbour for fishing boats. In Gjógv we  enjoy refreshments at the local Guesthouse Gjáargardur. Pancakes and coffeé / Tea.

    We return to Tórshavn via the mountain road and stop at the viewpoint overlooking the capital.

    The trip is with local english speaking guide  

    Duration 4,5 hours.

    Price per person: 65 EUR with a min. of 30 attendants

  • Trip 3: Around the Island of Nólsoy with the sloop Nordlýsið

    Trip with the old sloop/sail ship ”Norðlýsið” from Tórshavn around the Islands of Nólsoy which is located a few miles east of Tórshavn.

    You will see a beautiful nature scenery as well as rich birdlife and cliffs with the famous skipper Birgir Enni, who also is a famous local cook, and great storyteller.

    Alternatively  - weather permitting, -  this trip could be changed to  a trip to Hestur / Koltur on the westside of Streymoy , which also has spectacular nature and caves and birdlife to explore.

    - Duration 3-4 hours

    - Price per person : EUR 65

  • Trip 4: Hiking in the mountains

    Walking/ hiking trip on the west side of Streymoy  with very skilled and experienced guides .

    You will explore the Faroe Islands  nature and have a trip of your lifetime with beautiful scenery.

    Alternative is walking trip from Torshavn to Kirkjubø , crossing over Kirkjubøreyn  . This is a easier  trip than hiking in the mountains, recommended if you do not like heights.

    - Duration 3-4 hours

    - Price per person : EUR 65

  • Trip 5: Sightseeing in the Old part of Tórshavn and Tinganes 

    You will have a nice walk downtown Tórshavn in the old part of the city, dating all the way back from the Viking ages, where you almost can feel the history, 
    and be told local stories as well as see Tinganes, where the Government ministers and the ”Løgmaður” are located.

    There will be local english speaking guide on the trip.

    - Duration: 1½ - 2 hours

    - Price per person: EUR 65

If there is any special wishes for sightseeing , events or exploration of the Faroe Islands , do not hesitate to contact us , and we will do our utmost to make this an unforgettable visit.

Best regards

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Focal Epilepsy

Focal epilepsies account for about 60% of all adult epilepsy cases. They are heterogeneous epilepsies with complex aetiologies – genetic, structural, meta bolic and unknown.

A correct diagnosis is crucial for the proper treatment and management of a patient with focal epilepsy. With the advent of the next generation sequencing technologies several genetic factors have been elucidated in the aetiology of focal epilepsies. New pathways and disease mechanism are revealed and clinical genetic diagnostics is gaining ground. The new knowledge opens up new drug targets and novel treatment options.

  • Focal Epilepsy
  • Mechanisms
  • Surgery

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and clinicians working with focal epilepsies to present the latest knowledge in the genetic aetiology of focal epilepsy along with phenotypic and diagnostic aspects of the disorder. The target audience for the meeting is clinicians, epileptologists, neurologists and paediatrics interested in focal epilepsies.

The program will cover clinical aspects, geno-phenotype correlation, genetic aetiology and treatment options in relation to the known molecular mechanisms.

Two general overview lectures will be given. The aim of these is to give a basic oveview of genetic and clinical aspects of focal epielpsies by prof. Ingo Helbig and an overview on clinical phenotype and genetics of brainmalformation in focal epieplesies by prof. Renzo Guerrini.

Surgery as treatment option will be covered and lessons from functional studies and models organisms will be presented.We wil get novel results from one of the latest large scale research studies and finally the prospects of precsion medicine in focal epilepsy will be highlighted.


Ingo Helbig

MD, Ph.D. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Johannes Lemke

Johannes Lemke

MD, Prof. University of Leipzig

Guido Rubboli

MD, Prof. University of Copenhagen and Danish Epilepsy Centre

Helle Hjalgrim

Helle Hjalgrim

MD, Assoc. Prof. University of Southern Denmark and Danish Epilepsy Centre

Rikke Møller

Assoc. Prof. University of Southern Denmark and Danish Epilepsy Centre

Rüdiger Köhling

Prof. Physiology, University of Rostock

Leanne Dibbens

Leanne Dibbens

Assoc. Prof. University of South Australia, Adelaide

Renzo Guerrini

MD, FRCP, Children's Hospital A. Meyer-University of Florence



Stéphanie Baulac

Assoc. Prof. Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle-ICM, Paris

Bobby Koeleman

Assoc. Prof. Physiology, UMC Utrecht

Sarah Weckhuysen

Ph.D. Neurologist, UZA Antwerp University Hospital

Fabienne Picard

MD, Senior Consulant Univ. Hospital of Genèva - Senior lecturer, Medical School, Genèva


Alfonso Represa

Dir. INMED, INSERM, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille

Carlo Nobile

Ph.D., Section of Padua, CNR-Neuroscience Institute, Padova


Pasquale Striano

Prof. University of Genoa

Théo Ribierre

Ph.D. Stud.- Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle-ICM, Paris


Francesca Bisulli

MD. Ph.D. University of Bologna and IRCCS Institute of Neurological Sciences, Bologna


Roberto Michelucci

Prof. Neurology, Bellaria Hospital, Bologna



Allison Park Heath

Ph.D. Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia




Steffen Syrbe

MD. Dietmar-Hopp-Stoffwechselzentrum, Germany




Pouya Khankhanian

Center for Neuroengineering & Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania





We encourage researchers and students to send in abstracts for poster presentations and 4-5 posters will be selected for a 10-15 min oral presentation in the "Selection from posters"-session. The abstracts should be sent to fec@mice.fo

In order for abstracts to be considered for oral selection, they must be submitted before March 1st. 2017. Abstract will be subjected to editorial review by the scientific committee and published in the final Conference programme booklet.

Abstracts for poster presentations will be accepted after this deadline, but they will not be considered for selection for oral presentation and might not be presented in the final programme booklet.

Abstracts should be written, submitted and presented in English with a maximum word count of 300 words (not including the abstract title, authors and institutions). E-mail address of corresponding author need to be given in the abstract and all communication will be sent to this e-mail. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent out before 1st. April 2017 and likewise notification to presenters selected for oral presentation will be sent out before 1st. April 2017.

Poster presenters need to register for the entire conference.

The posterwall available will be 150x120cm and the poster need to fit within this measures.

Exhibitors / Sponsors

We are proud of to have following conference sponsors and exhibitors:  



For exhibitors: We have two different slots available for boots:

Option 1: A medium stand, size of area approx. 2x3m, Price 2200€  - Option 2: A large stand, size of area approx. 3 x 4m, Price 3300€. Included in both slots are a table and 2 chairs, conference fee, 3 daily lunch-meals, welcome reception and a conference dinner.

For sponsors: There is the option to have your logo presented at the conference venue, material or website, Price 700€ or choose to have your logo and other material distributed on the site. For logo and onsite distributed material, Price 1500€   

For special inquiries and information, please contact fec@mice.fo 

Practical information

  • Passport and Visas ?

    The Faroe Islands are tied to the Danish immigration policy. However, there are some differences in working, residing and visiting in the Faroe Islands compared to Denmark. Read more
  • Getting there by air ?

    The Faroe Islands’ national airline, Atlantic Airways, offers year-round direct flights from Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Reykjavik and Bergen. The during flight time, usually last no longer than 2 hours. Occasionally there are direct flights to other destinations, such as Barcelona and Mallorca. Frequency of departures varies according to season. Read more

    The Scandinavian airline SAS, are also operating from Copenhagen with daily depatures to the Faroe Islands.

  • Getting there by sea ?

    Smyril Line’s ferry, Norrøna, sails to the Faroe Islands from Hirtshals in the north of Denmark and from Seyðisfjørður in Iceland. Frequency of departures varies according to season. Read more
  • Credit Cards ?

    The currency used on the Faroes is the Danish Crown (1 € = 7.5 DKK). Standard credit cards like Visa, Mastercards etc. are accepted in most stores, shops and restaurants.

    In-flight tax-free goods can also be purchased by credit card.

  • Clothing ?

    Well, the weather changes frequently on the Faroe Islands and in one day you can experience anything from winter to summer. The average temperature is 11 degrees Celsius and in May it can be 5-6 degrees but also 16-18-20 degrees - it can be windy and rainy so bring your raincoats and some warm (autumn) clothes.

    Of course, we hope for nice and sunny weather, but we can't give any guarantee. Just in case, please bring some warm clothes and strong shoes for outdoor activities.

  • More Pratical information ?